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Debby Speelziek

Hi, I'm Debby Speelziek. Welcome to my profile!

Debby Speelziek's Bio:

"Dad gave us the best education money can't buy." That's how Canadian homebuilder, Debby Speelziek, described her father, Jack Speelziek, who achieved a large amount of success as a homebuilder in the Brantford, Ontario area. Raised in Brantford with not only a father who was an accomplished home builder, but also two brothers who both formed notable careers in the home construction business, Debby Speelziek followed in her family's footsteps shortly after graduating from Brantford Collegiate and Vocational School. 


With a strong work ethic instilled by her father, Ms. Speelziek worked hard to make a name for herself in the Brantford home construction and real estate market. From 1986 to 1997, Ms. Speelziek sold real estate for Re/Max Peoples Realty in Brantford and formed a fruitful home construction career. 


In 1986, Ms. Speelziek embarked on a large, five-phase residential development project in the Myrtleville Heights community of Brantford, a project that lasted thirteen years, ending in 1999. In 1994, Ms. Speelziek was awarded the Sales Achievement Award by the Canadian Home Builder's Association, and by 2000, Ms. Speelziek had not only become a full-time developer, but had also become President of Annspel Holdings Ltd., a developement and residential construction company. 


In 2000, Ms. Speelziek and her company took on the execution of another significant developement project, namely the development of the Sunnyside Estates and Stonyridge Estates in St. George, Ontario. It was a project that also lasted thirteen years. 


During her twenty plus years in the Brantford real estate and home constrution business, Ms. Speelziek has been known as a voice and a leader in the industry. In 1987, she became a memeber of the Brantford Home Builder Association (BHBA) and in 2002, Ms. Speelziek became the associations 2nd Vice President. This was followed by her jump into the role of 1st Vice President of BHBA in 2003, and finally, President of the association in 2004. Upon Ms. Speelziek's election as President of BHBA, she enjoyed the distinction of being the first female president of the association ever. 


With her experience and contribution to the home developement business in the Brantford area, the business community has honored Ms. Speelziek on more than one occasion. In 2000 and 2001, she received a BHBA Member of the Year Award for her outstanding achivement and commitment in the industry, and in those same years, she was also honored with a BHBA Award of Merit. Additionally, from 2010 to 2012, Ms. Speelziek was the recipient of the BHBA Certificate of Appreciation, which recognized her dedication and service as a member of the association's Board of Directors. 


Today, Ms. Speelziek looks forward to beginning a new chapter in her professional career. Interior design has always been a passion of hers and Ms. Speelziek is anxious to begin focusing on interior design in the next stage of her career. Ms. Speelziek is currently enrolled in the Interior Deisng program at Mohawk College and will be forming her own web-based interior design company upon graduation. 


Outside of her career, Ms. Speelziek has a passion for playing gold and curling. She is also a member of the Ladies Recreational League in the Burford Gold Club and is also a member of the Ladies and Mixed Leagues at the Brantford Golf and Country Club. 



Debby Speelziek's Interests & Activities:

home building, real estate, golf, interior design

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